We Got Two 1-star Reviews!

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We Got Two 1-star reviews, and there will be more coming!

Screenshots Sent By the Buyer Before Submitting Them.

These two review screenshots were sent by the same buyer because we wouldn’t fully refund him, and we were told there would be more coming.
On Amazon, buyer’s review is very important for a seller, but we are not able to response directly, so we would like to clarify 2 points here.

  1. The buyer says that the wok is defective because it is not round.
    It is true that it is not round Anywhere of the wok. This is a wok made for stirfrying, not a hemisphere. Stirfrying in a wok means we should be able to toss food high out of the wok and fall back to the wok, meanwhile flame should spread effectly to the wok along its arc. We followed traditional shapes and did tons of experiments, got the current shape of this wok (Seriously lots of time, effort and sweats!).

From this photo, we can see it is not absolutely round.

It is handmade and the artisan only has a round lid with the same size of the wok, that means it only fits from the top. From the photos of the review, all 3 lids are smaller than the wok, so it would not fit.

The wok is for stirfrying, deep frying, FAST cooking with oil. We do not recommend it for steaming, boiling etc. Slow cooking methods that needs water and steaming, it is Not what it is made for.

  1. The buyer was not fully refunded.
    It is true. The order was placed on Nov 6th, 2022, return request was submitted on Jan 28th, 2023 and got automatically approved immediately. But the package was dropped off on March 4th, 2023. Therefore we only refunded the buyer 90% of his money according to the return policy.

Buyer says he and his relatives hold 6 Amazon accounts, if we do not fully refund him, we will receive a 1-star review every day until we are kicked out of the US market. So there probably will be more 1-star reviews for our products and us, it is sad :(.