About Us

Every family has a wok/pan, and it should be passed on to grandchildren by grandparents.
The kitchen is in the heart of our home. Homemade dishes and soup, they bind the family together.
Every utensil plays an important role in our kitchen.

Chinese cuisine twinkles on the world map.
Nowadays traditional cuisines awaken our taste more and more. We still love grandma’s cooking, but we have lost the recipe, skills, kitchen utensils, and the heritage.
We need to reacquire them.

We have been all around China, looking for dying techniques and products.
we have been saving the dying art of craftsmanship and have brought them back to life through commercial businesses. We want our artisans to live a better life, and let young people know there is absolutely a good future in traditional techniques.

We have been preparing for this project called Traditional Chinese Kitchen for over 2 years.
We have been to SiChuan, Henan, ZheJiang, Jiangsu, Beijing, Guangdong, ShaanXi… and many other places all around China.
We have been researching and improving traditional cultural products.
We cooperate with our artisans.
We are dedicated to ‘renaissancing’ Chinese traditional techniques and letting the best traditional products shine.

We salute the spirit of artisans, and promote Chinese traditional techniques.