Cast Iron Wok Instructions

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In this article, you will find:

  1. What should I do when I first get a ZhenSanHuan cast iron wok?
  2. Cast iron wok care and maintenance

What should I do when I first get a ZhenSanHuan new cast iron wok?

Step 1:

Thoroughly scrub the wok inside and outside with detergent and a steel wool scouring pad to remove the manufacturer’s protecting oil on a new wok, or the rust on an old one.

Rinse thoroughly with tap water.

Dry the surface with a towel or kitchen paper.


New woks may have a slight metallic taste so we recommend you to stir fry some vegetables for the first time and dump the vegetables.

After the first time stir frying, the metallic taste should disappear.

Care and Maintenance:

To avoid it from rust, put it on fire to dry it every time after washing. If it is not black, apply some cooking oil over the cooking surface.

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