About Our Clay Pots

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In this article, you will find

  1. more stories about our clay pots.
  2. What should we do when I get a brand new pot?
  3. Some things I need to know when using it.

Introduction of Zhang HongLiang

Zhang HongLiang was born in a family that has been making casseroles for generations in PingDing, ShanXi, China. He was taught and trained since childhood. In 1996, Zhang was 27, he opened a factory called “PingDing ZhangShi ShaQi TaoYi Fang”, he wanted to protect and inherit the traditional techniques of making ceramics.

In 2002, a business man from Netherlands came to PingDing, ShanXi, with a big order of 6000 clay pots, and they had to be round, smooth, light and thin. After thousands of times experiments, Zhang HongLiang provided the thin and light clay pots that earned him high recognition.

Zhang HongLiang is a national intangible cultural inheritor, he has 32 patents about clay pot/ceramics. He has the first private museum of ceramics.

Something About Our Pots

Our clay pots are made of deep layered soil in TaiHang Mountain with handmade thin tires. After shaping, the pot embryos will be dried naturally in the air, then roasted in 9 holes kiln. We respect all physical characteristics of soil, water, and fire. We don’t add glaze or enamel to make it smoother.

It is good to retain the original characteristics of ingredients as well as Chinese traditional medicine. Chinese traditional medicine has to be boiled using clay pots, not carbon steel or stainless steel wok, in order to retain the medicinal properties. Alcohol in it becomes gentle than in a glass cup.

The clay pot has good heat retention performance, food in it stays warm for hours.

First Time Use

  1. Rinse it thoroughly, wipe it dry.
  2. Put 200g rice, 2/3 water in the pot, with low heat.
  3. Stir a few times to avoid rice sticking to the pot.
  4. put the rice and water in the pot overnight.
  5. Wash off the rice, wipe it dry, it will be ready for use.


  1. Do Not heat it when it is empty.
  2. Use low heat.
  3. No Ceramic stoves, no induction.
  4. No Chemical detergent.
  5. Please heat it or cool it down slowly.
  6. Wipe it dry after washing.