Some Facts about Our HandHammered Woks

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Here are some facts about our hand hammered carbon steel woks that you might want to know before placing an order.

  • Will it rust?

It is made of iron, when iron stays with water for a while it will get rusted, and this is iron’s nature.

  • How to avoid it from being rusted?

Keep it DRY. Always put it on fire to dry it after washing.

  • Is it coated? What is the blue black coating on the wok?

It is NOT coated. The original color of the wok is silver, we simply put it on heat, iron is reactive and will grow an oxide protection layer, we can say it is “seasoned” or “tempered” and you can do the whole process at home.

The oxide protection layer from the initial seasoning is thin and not stable, if you cook acidic food like tomato or vinegar, it may discolor, this is normal. Do more stir frying and deep frying, dry it after washing and apply some cooking oil over it, the oxide layer will grow back thicker and more stable. Eventually you will get a shiny black wok.

  • Is your wok nonstick?

There is no non-stick coating on our woks. But the wok has been hammered, the density of its surface is very tight. Pre heat the wok until some drops of water vapors immediately, add cooking oil and ingredients, you will find it is super nonstick.

  • Is it heavy?

It is made of pure iron, so compared to other carbon steel woks or coated woks, it is heavy. The wooden handle wok is about 0.5Lb lighter than an iron handle wok. For a 34cm (13.4inches) iron handle wok, it weighs about 4.9Lb.